Quick Tip and a Time Sensitive…

by DanB

Today a tip for shuffling through web pages that works with any browser. And a freebie too.

My wife visits a cooking site that has drawings for books and cookware. They have many giveaways going and you can only enter each one once a day. She was getting confused each day over which ones she had entered and which ones she hadn’t. So I showed her the following idea. After I explain it I’ll give you a few more ways to use it.

Here is the high level outline of the process:

  1. For each item on the list you want to enter right-click on the link and choose “Open in New Tab”.
  2. Repeat this for each item you are interested in.
  3. Go through each tab, enter, close the tab.
  4. When the tabs are closed you are done.

If this is something that uses the same pages each day go ahead and create a toolbar bookmark folder to put all the pages in. Then you can just right-click the folder and choose “Open All Bookmarks”. Makes really quick work out out of checking a set of pages each day.

I know that was very brief so I made a little video showing you how. It will be easier than typing it out. You can view that video here:

In the video I use a news site and show how I’ll read only the articles that interest me. Because the available articles is covered quickly I don’t get bogged down. I can also read the articles throughout the day as I get some free time.

Other times I will use the technique when reading a forum with the topics I want to respond to. This lets me spend extra time on the replies. Same with online email. Open the ones I want to respond to in a new tab.

And here is the freebie and it is only good today – October 9, 2013. It is a free Kindle book by William Wittmann. I have enjoyed all the books of his I have read. This one is called “Drawing the Sacred – communing with the sacred through drawing.” If that sounds interesting to you check it out. You don’t have to have a Kindle you can use Amazon’s free Cloud Reader:


Hope something here is useful to you.

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