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A few months ago I wrote about using technology to get better customer service.

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The basic idea was using Jing to let customer support see exactly what is happening to you. It really is helpful. Many of you let me know it had worked well for you. Jing is free. I actually use Jing’s big brother’s Camtasia and Snagit. Those aren’t free but have more powerful tools. I would use Jing until you started looking for certain features or need longer recordings.

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Another cool use for a Jing video is to share an interesting web site or site review. By making a quick video I can share my thoughts easier than typing them in an email. So when I find an interesting website I’ll shoot a quick video showing what I am liking and where it is on the site. Then I share that. Sometimes I do it for my own review later. When I do this I bookmark the website and put (Jing) at the end of the bookmark name to remind me there is a video.

The flipside of getting better customer service is using Jing to help train others. I work pretty fast and have made shortcuts for myself for almost everything that I do more than once. Unfortunately my shortcuts aren’t always easy to pass on because they have “issues” and errors that popup, etc. That is ok since I know which errors can be ignored. But some get antsy when they see errors popping up all the time.

For most of the web based technical work – domains, hosting, blogs, email, etc. – I have been training my children. I began using Jing to make videos of what needed to be done. Over time this was amounting to a small library.

I was talking to my friend Leo Quinn. He had been doing the same thing and finally just bought the rights to a package of videos on all things website and Internet marketing. Now he just links to a video and tells them what he needs done. Very handy and fast. I immediately bought a set. They have been saving me a lot of time.

They were so helpful I asked him to work up something special if it could help you or someone you know. He said sure and put a low price on them but only for the next week.

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While I was writing this email a friend called from Abilene, TX. He asked me about setting up a website with an email list. He needed two. One for himself (entertainer) and one for his wife (hair salon). I sent him the link above and told him everything he needed to know is there. Then to call me back and we will talk about it. He called back an hour later telling me it was exactly what he needed.

So if you maintain a website, know someone who maintains a website, or know someone who is thinking of setting up a website. Give that link a look. It can save you a ton of time.

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