A Few Things

by DanB

Today I have just a few tidbits to share. They seem kind of random but this is what has caught my radar recently.

First I told you I would be in Dallas last week and it was an interesting conference. I was able to catch up with a friend from Hawaii who I hadn’t seen since 1985. And made a few new friends from Hawaii.

One the people I spoke with is an educator on the east coast. He shared with me that cost cutting measures had turned his classroom from 30 students to 300. We then had an interesting talk about the effective use of slides and different ways of keeping their attention.

For my part I shared most of what I shared with you in my last email. If you missed that it is on the blog:

Click here to read Thoughts on Presentation

A couple of days ago I was reading John Mauldin’s assessment of the future of Pension Funds. It wasn’t pretty. He called the letter Unrealistic Expectations. At the end he sums up his conclusions and relates them to the changes coming at The Federal Reserve. The letter is a bit long but if you have any interest in either pensions or the changes coming to Fed it is worth a read.

Click here now to read the PDF of Unrealistic Expectations

Finally there is another free “Fest”. This time it is the Releasing Fest. Sign up and hear the sessions for free. I think you will be glad you did. I’ve been through this course myself and it is a simple concept with big results. Release anger, get rid of pain, and finally enjoy peace are some of what you’ll learn. It actually started today but you can still sign up for free.

Click here now to find out about the Releasing Fest

Here is a really short video about Releasing:

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