Some Thoughts on Presentations

by DanB

It’s fun. My bargain laminator arrived and the kids are already putting it through the paces. Looks like it will serve us just fine.

Wanted to share a few thoughts on why I like using lamininated sheets instead of Power Point presentations or folders of information when I am one on one or talking to a small group..

Before I do that let me share a pet peeve of mine. I’m sure you have been in a presentation where the presenter just read the slides. When I have been in meetings where this happens I usually raise my hand and ask the presenter if they are just going to read the slides. If the answer is yes I give them my email address and ask them to email it to me to review. Then I leave until they send it. I can read and digest that presentation in a fraction of the time it takes them to read it to me. Further I will retain more of the information as my mind wanders less. A short follow up meeting to plug any loose ends and we have both saved a bunch of time.

Do you get odd reactions when you do something like that? Of course. But it doesn’t take long for people to catch on and learn that you are trying to understand the information and not just trying to skip out on a meeting. In my case it is actually both!

There is a funny example of how PowerPoint style presentations can negatively impact a messages delivery. It called “The Gettysburg Powerpoint Presentation” and you can see it here:

When I have to speak with people I like to have visuals that support what I am talking about. Much of the time I just draw them as I go. But for more complex ideas or ideas I share often I make a nice sheet and laminate it.

The laminate actually makes the information seem a little more important. And I only have one on the table at any given time. Helps keep it focused. No way to get ahead of what I’m sharing with you.

You can be more interactional with the laminated sheet, touching it, positioning it, and even draw on it with an erasable marker. I use a small coin to hold the place we are talking about at any given moment.

If you bring a laptop or tablet and run your presentation on that it allows people to bring their ingrained habits of dealing with information on screen. With the hard copy it is much more personal and you are all staring at a screen but rather interacting with each other. Best of all I never have technical difficulties

When I present to a large group I use the same visuals but project them. The main difference between this and a PowerPoint presentation is there are far fewer slides and we explore each in depth rather than read.

Those are few quick ideas on why I prefer paper over electronic presentations. Share your thoughts below.

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